Thursday, February 27, 2014

Uplifting Experience 2- Nurse Rebecca

While I was in the hospital after having baby Thomas I had some of the best nurses ever. One was Rebecca. She was so kind, so compassionate and I enjoyed her being around. She was never a nuisance or annoying. Her shift was over at 7pm the day Baby Thomas was born.  She came back at 7 am, and she told me she had been thinking about me all night. She went and found a Teddy Bear that used to be one of her girls'. She brought it to me, so that I would have something to snuggle with. I love that bear. He sits on the boys dresser now. It was the sweetest most thoughtful little act of kindness. I will never forget her.

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The Potries said...

That is so precious kayla! What a sweetheart!