Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

I've been fighting a bad head cold. New years eve, we stayed home, watched 24 until midnight and ate crackers and cheese. It was delightful, except the being sick part. Oh well. Funny how new years eve's (and basically every other holiday) change after you have young kids.

Well it's January. A brand new year. I hate/love January. I hate the bleakness and coldness it usually brings, but I love the sense of new beginning. 2013 was..... well it was what it was. Full of changes. We've moved twice, lived in three different cities, and two different states. Thomas has had to adapt, to two different hospitals and we have had to leave new friends and make new ones. As much as I know it's ok, and we are good at it, it's getting tiring and old to reintroduce ourselves, remake our identities and change our lives over and over again. One day we will look back and envy this time, i'm sure, but right now, I want a longer promise of stability.  And of course we endured through August. The hardest trial of our life. I'm sure a lot of people are wondering how I am. Like really....... So, how am I doing?

Honestly, most days i'm fine. Everday I miss my sweet boy, but time helps things. The thing is it's actually really hard to think about. Basically everytime I try to talk about it I get emotional. We are doing good. Just miss him.

I love the feeling that January brings of "getting back on track". I've set some goals, and am excited to accomplish them. I'm not really one for New Year's Resolutions. I'm sorry but I cannot set a goal in January and actually expect myself to do it until December. For me, it's unrealistic. I like small goals. Daily goals, weekly goals, and if i'm feeling ambitious monthly goals.  So although my goal may be something like lose 15 pounds this year, I would rather look at it broken down into weekly things like, avoid sweets during weekdays, don't take second helpings, specific weight loss goals. Some of my family are doing some health goals and sharing them with each other and following up at the end of the week. Love me some accountability.

I'm hoping this will be a good year for us :) It will be. No matter what it brings. We have each other and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thomas graduates in March. We are so excited/nervous. We are sure hoping for a job opportunity close.


sally said...

I admire your strength, Kayla, and your daily reliance on God to take care of your needs and wants. I am praying for you and your family to find stability, employment, and joy in each other.

love ya!

Rachel said...

Thomas graduates in March? Yay!!! Good job you guys! I hope you find a good, stable job and get to put down some roots. It does get tiring always making new friends, packing and unpacking, etc. Being settled will happen, hopefully sooner than later. I think about your family and your sweet baby Thomas more than you know. Glad that you're realistic, but optimistic about everything. I think you're amazing!

Marissa said...

Thanks for sharing how you're doing. I think about you often and wish you were closer. You're a wonderful woman and stronger than you probably ever thought you were. Love ya!