Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

I am really awesome, and didn't take ANY pictures of our 4th of July. oh well ill still write. however my shift button is barely working so im not even going to bother with capitiliazation. it's too tedious. we went to the lake/beach. it was fun and really relaxing. it was really windy, which was nice to have a breeze but a little scary to the boys cause of all the waves, they couldn't swim very well, and kept getting knocked over. we sat in the shade, at our picnic, and the boys played at the park for a long time. Thomas and I just sat in our lawn chairs in the shade, and it was so nice that the boys played for so long. minues a few potty breaks, we were able to just talk and laugh and enjoy being somewhat alone, without any distractions. love my husband

after a few hours we headed home and got ready for a bbq. our friends in the ward invited us to his parents house. it as really really fun. it as out in the country, and all the people there were just so warm and welcoming. love good small town folk. we felt loved. they had this awesome zip line that the boys loved, especially Layton. Thomas took them down it multiple times. they had fun. there was also a swing set and trampoline.... the boys also loved the trampoline too. they make friends with kids really well and in no time at all had 4 ten year old boys wrapped around their finger. those ten year olds played with our boys so well, and were making them laugh and involving them and making up little kid games to play with our boys. it was pretty cute. they have gotten really good at jumping on the tramp!! so fun to watch them learn and grow

we headed home just after nine since it was getting a little chilly from the wind and we didn't bring any sweaters. boys were exhausted, and fell straight asleep... we watched the fireworks from our bedroom window, with a perfect view. I was literally laying on our bed, watching them. pretty awesome. we woke the boys up to see em, but they were so out of it and asked to go back to bed after looking at like two.... that's what happens when you play hard all day!

it was a great fourth!

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a perfect summer day! You guys are great at making good friends wherever you go. Love you guys :)