Thursday, June 13, 2013

The REAL life.

Have you ever seen pictures where the kitchen is spotless, the kids are perfectly dressed, and everyone is happily smiling as the mom tenderly and effortlessly makes cookies with her kids.  This is not REAL. Believe me I’ve tried. I decided today to make cookies with the boys. I’m such a good mom right? Ugh. We got through the first step of putting flour in the bowl, then it all went downhill. They plung their fists in the bowl, yelling, “Wreck it Ralf, Wreck it Ralf”, then they tip over the baking soda, and start hitting each other with their flour filled hands.  I’m already frustrated and move bowls to other side of kitchen. Then one of them throw my phone in the sink, (yes it’s filled with water). This happens as I’m juggling an egg, trying to get just the yolk out for my cookies. Now I’m getting mad. Layton accidently tips over the garbage. Kasen throws all the keys, clock and everything else onto floor. I’m done with the egg, grab my phone out of sink and I kinda freak and send them out to the patio. My phone is on the fritz and I take it all apart, which was so frustratingly tedious. I look outside and Layton’s pants/undies are at his ankles and he is peeing all over the recycling bags, chalk and a couple other toys. Why does he think it’s ok to drop his pants wherever he feels like it? OH my heck are you kidding me?? I clean up the spilt garbage including the recent eggs shells that were thrown in there, wipe the floor up, and clean up the patio, etc. I clean up myself and get back to the cookies. I look up again, just in time to see them throwing chalk and toys off the balcony. “Whatever” I think, they just can’t play with those toys now, i’ll get them sometime. Then I hear the boys running to their room. Kasen comes out with his sandals on, opens the door, runs outside and says ‘be right back, ok mom’ I chase him, and pass Layton who is standing there naked saying ‘ok Kasen! Bye bye!” I let him get the toys, after all, now I don’t have to get them. I GO BACK to my cookies after locking the door so they can’t escape again. I go to finish up the cookies and they play in their room… it’s pretty quiet….. so I go check…. Only to find their ENTIRE CLOSET of clothes on the floor. I’m not exaggerating, every single shirt, pant, short, vest, pajamas, everything on EVERY single shelf is emptied. By this point I take a picture, and leave them in there.  Thomas will be dealing with that when he gets home…… sorry honey.



Ruth said...

You handled it perfectly! I don't envy you twin toddlers. They can do twice as much damage. How did the cookies turn out, and were you able to fix your phone?

Teija said...

glad I am not the only one! You know how my days are, cause for some reason they always happen while I am talking on the phone to you!