Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Friends in Town!!

My friend Ranae came to visit us on Monday/Tuesday and left today (Wednesday). We were talking to each other last week and were both bored, and I basically begged her to come visit. I was so excited that she actually came!!! We had a lot of fun while her and her twin girls were here. Lyla and Mae are the cutest little girls, and are about a year younger than the boys. They all played together pretty good (more or less).
Monday she got here around noon and we had lunch, tried to put kids down for naps, went to the park, had some awesome burritos for dinner and then after kids were all sleeping, we had a girls night out and we went to DQ. We ended up staying there talking for a long time. I think it was like 1 1/2 hours.
Tuesday we did breakfast, her girls took naps, and we watched Hercules with the boys/fell asleep. Then we went to the lake and had a blast!! Water was pretty warm, beach was so nice and sandy. Perfect weather, and the park there is really fun for the boys. We had a blast, and I LOVED watching my boys playing and splashing around in the water and 'swimming'. Kasen especially practiced his swimming a lot. He's a water boy for sure!! After a few hours of soakin up the sun we headed home and put kids to sleep. They were all played out and slept great. We ended the night with some homemade pizza and watched a movie.
Wednesday we did crepes for breakfast, and unfortunately the girls were having a really rough day, so they decided to leave at 11. Thanks for coming Ranae!!! So glad you did!!!
Mae and Lyla

Ranae and her girls
Kasen boy loving life. 
Swim baby swim!!
Layton went over to the edge of the beach where there was kind of a lot of sticks and not soft sand, but he was as content as can be playing in the dirt, and making a 'slide' and tumbling sands/little rocks down his slide. Funny boy. I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of him in the water. :( 

oh so cute!

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