Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pregnancy Update

24 Weeks
Got my tight pants on haha. Pretty sure this was the last day wearing these. They look tighter than skin tight!!! (the youtube video of Jimmy Fallon and Will Arnell singing 'got my tight pants on' is hilarious)  I was singing it most the day.

27 Weeks
Today I had an appointment. Had to take glucose tolerance drink. Got an ultrasound and got to see baby again. Got my blood taken. Then Doctor appointment. Everything is fine and looking great, except I have iron deficiency anemia, so Doctor prescribed me an iron supplemental pill. My iron has always been low, so I wasn't too surprised. I sure feel like a whale, but I know i'm going to get a lot bigger.... I feel like i'm gaining everywhere, not just tummy. sigh. oh well.


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Rachel said...

That tight pants video is a crack up! Love the reference. :)