Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

For Mother's Day all I wanted was to go to the temple. It's been so long. Way too long, and now it's only 1 1/2 hours away! So Saturday morning we all slept in till 8! We made pancakes for breakfast, and then had the boys to their babysitter (girl who Visiting Teaches me offered to watch them, so nice of her!!!) at 9:45. The boys barely said goodbye to me once they saw all the toys outside, and the kittens, and dog, and rocks and everything. They had a blast there.
 So great to go to the temple again. I loved being there and feeling that peace and happiness it always brings.

So the dress I was wearing literally matched like three weddings we saw going on before and after our temple session. I came out of a room and the temple president was standing there. He took my hand and said with a big smile, "I know who you're here with!!!!" I was like ummmm.... who? he asked "aren't you the bride?" sorry nope....  (he must not have noticed my belly) or, maybe he just saw the color of my dress and recognized it as the "bride's" wedding color...? not sure why the bride would be wearing a colored dress either, but anyway... it was really funny. and he said well we are glad to have you here anyway! I'm pretty sure I got a few weird looks from people too thinking like, "who is she, and is she another bridesmaid that we didn't know about?" haha anyway......

We finished our Saturday night off we a leaking roof and walls in the bathroom. Our upstairs neighbor's bathroom flooded, (the toilet thing is broke and kept running all day, and she wasn't home all day). So that was fun. Called her fast, and luckily her BF was in town and had a spare key. Thomas and him cleaned up the two inches of water piled up in her bathroom.

Sunday after church we headed to our best friends here in Moses Lake. Portia, Jake and their adopted kiddos conner and jaden. It was SO fun. Jake and Portia's dad made fish, (luckily Thomas told him before that I hate fish, and so I got my very own steak. Picky aren't I? We enjoyed hanging out like all the rest the day, had smores, visited and laughed until around 8 when we decided we should probably head home. It's hard to leave their house though. They live out in the country, surrounded by fields, and it's just so quiet and peaceful. Makes me miss home.


We came home to our downstairs neighbors having a HUGE screaming/yelling/cussing/ fight. And as if we couldn't hear them well enough downstairs, they eventually made their way outside and our window was open... yikes. I don't think they had a Happy Mother's Day. I woke up at 1:30 cause kasen woke up, and still heard them arguing. Sad sad sad :( I'm grateful for my husband, and for my role as a mother. I couldn't love my boys more and couldn't be more grateful to be their mom.

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