Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It''s a..........

Well, after months of calling our baby 'girl' by her name, bringing baby girl clothes home from storing at my sisters, (that I have been hanging onto for three years), getting my blessing dress out and hanging in closet for my baby girl to be blessed in, and being completely utterly convinced our baby was a girl we found out on april 23rd...........
 Look at that cute little face.
Date on ultra sound is wrong. I was 23 weeks along when photos taken.
We've been thinking lots about the perfect name for him and surprisingly already agree on four. But i think have narrowed it down to top two for now... but things can change. We will see.

I still can't even believe it, I catch myself gazing at girl clothes at store, looking at girly fabrics, but then i quickly remember we are going to have a darling baby boy. Don't get me wrong I am going to love having three little boys running around. I'm so grateful to just be having another healthy baby :)

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Rachel said...

Another boy!!! Wow!!!Congrats to you guys on another miracle. So happy for you!