Thursday, May 9, 2013

Birthday Surprise

The day before my birthday my friend Portia,  surprised me and "kidnapped" me for the day. She took me to Arby's, bought me some flowers, and then we took the kids to a new park. It was fun. Her and Thomas had been conniving together and planned a bbq at her house later that night. Of course I didn't get many pictures, just some of the boys at the park. :) The little Hispanic boy is Portia's adopted son,  Jaden, who we call JJ. He is 4 (almost 5) and the boys just LOVE him. Seriously all day everyday they ask to go to JJ's house.
It was a fun day. We had an awesome BBQ and cake and ice cream. It was so sweet of Portia, to plan all the stuff for me that day, and of course I can't forget Thomas who was in on all the fun planning too :)

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Rachel said...

Happy Happy Birthday! So glad you have a great husband/friends to treat you special on your bday! Also, you're such a good mom! Letting your kids roll around in that dirt and everything! :) I love it!