Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just Outside

It's funny how some days you can't wait for naps because you are so excited for some quiet down time to spend how you want/or need to, with little distractions, then during this alone time you blog all about your kids... is there ever an escape? LOL I hope not. I wouldn't have it anyother way! In fact on days like today when they have been fulfilling their role as 2 year olds to the T, it's good I pull up these sweet pictures of my darling boys, to remind me how blessed I really am.
Man he is cute!!!!

Things here in Moses Lake have been going good so far. Our apartment is so nice and spacious, it's really weird. I don't feel like our living arrangemets are so "humble" anymore, and for whatever reason I have woke up feeling like I'm in a hotel, rather than our new home. I am rather loving the space however, and I feel like i'm living in an elite world now, with appliances and flooring that are new (within the last decade at least!!)

Handsome Handsome
Our apt is in a great location! We aren't surrounded by buildings at all, in fact look at all this room we have to run around on? There is a a fenced off  "Wetland" about 10 feet from our back door, and then to the east is all of this......
and this.....

I'm not very good at estimating acres, but I'm guessing there is probably 10-15 acres of this. It's wonderful and it's nice for all of us to have this space to just let loose, go on walks, and let the boys be boys. We have seen deer, quail, squirrels, racoons and a bunch of other birds so far.

Just love these guys...

This last picture has a story... do you ever teach/train your kids to say certain things? haha...this i what I taught them to do.....

I say...."How much do you love momma?"
and they say....."This much!" as they spread their arms out as wide as they can. I LOVE IT... haha so this is Kasen showing how much he loves his momma!

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