Monday, March 11, 2013

The Story of Today

Holy cow today was a LONG day! I just want to go to bed, but also don't want to forget this crazy day. We headed to Ephrata around 10:00 am thinking we would check out a few places, find the one we loved, sign a contract and be on our way home. WOW were we wrong. The first place we checked out was was so tiny. There was barely room for a bed in the rooms, you couldn't fit two people in the kitchen at the same time, the washer and dry was by the fridge in the kitchen, there was an old car in the 'back yard' which was some dirt and trash and nastiness, the people we would share a wall with had garbage and crap and beat up old kids toys EVERYWHERE, newspapers and junk all over the lawn, carpets were digusting, bathroom tub was seriously covered in black 'stains' who knows what it was? It smelt awful and just was AWFUL. The second place was the same story, just with tidier neighbors.

Then we went to look at a trailer which, from pictures on craiglist actually didn't look too bad. We went there but there was no contact info- nothing. Neighborhood was super scetchy as well. Surroundings were once again kind of scary, it was far from anything, and no grass or anything where we could sit, or play or do anything.

So then we went to the local library to try and figure some stuff out and make some phone calls and let the boys play. Sat by a lady asked her if she knew of anything around that would be available to rent, she did (next door to her) it was in a tiny town, 6 miles away. This place was so gross too, don't think anything had been updated in 50 years, there was no oven,  OLD wood flooring, and wood walls, nasty tile pulling up on corners, super outdated hardly working AC and the tub and brown grossness everywhere. Thomas kept running into cobwebds too, carpet was ok in master bath,  and honestly not even sure if second room would have fit two toddler beds. oh and it was blue, with red and yellow railing going up steps to house. The "storage unit" in the back full was of garbage and crap, and there was a random cat that liked to sleep on the porch. Did i mention it was literally surrounded by incredibly old run down, nasty, empty, tiny houses with windows broken and doors wide open. Creepy as heck. Literally 10 or 15 houses surrounding it and across street and everything were all abandoned. So creepy.

Next trailer we looked at looked was the color of yellow that you would think someone had peed all over it. Walked in and immediately disgusted. Just nastiness everywhere. And previous renter was smoker... could hardly breathe. Agent that took us their told us bluntly that she would never live there and said the neighborhod was not good. Said she wouldn't feel safe taking her kids out for an afternoon walk. Oh my heck. SCARY. so grateful for her honesty though.... at this point.. holy cow, i was almost to the point of a breakdown. Every other place would only take people who signed a year contract and had a good solid income.... :( Of course we can't provide either) I was so scared that we would have to live in one of these junk yards. I'm not being dramatic here either people. Our place right now is not new or updated and doesnt really have any perks, but you know what we don't need fancy. We do need clean, functional and safe though.

By this time it was 4:15 pm, but we both felt like we needed to go to Moses Lake and look at a couple places. Ephrata was just turning out to be a horrible experience, and I was picturing the next six months being a depressed, and disgusted mother and wife.

So we headed to Moses Lake. Not ideal because Thomas will have to commute. (Been trying to avoid this, so that i can have a vehicle), but i guess we will do what we have to do. We looked at the first place and fell in love. It is pretty new, updated, beautiful, there is a pool, little playground, and 24/7 exercise jym, big kitchen, new carpet, big bathroom, ok sized rooms and just all around felt good. We jumped on it and although I had my reservations about jumping the gun to quickly, we also were out of time to find a place and needed something. So you know the gross apts i talked abut earlier, ya this nice, new, beautiful place is only $50 bucks more than those tiny, revolting slums we looked at in Ephrata. I honestly am not sure if I would live in those places for free let alone make a large monthly payment!

Anyway that is the story of our day. glad  we found a place and we feel good! The Lord has once again provided.


Melissa Borders said...

I'm glad you guys found something!

Rachel said...

So glad it worked out!! Yikes, we felt that way when we started looking at houses. I'm glad you found something safe and clean!!! :)

Jessica Hall said...

Wow! I am so glad that you found a safe, comfortable place! That sounds like a horrible, stressful, and crazy day.