Thursday, February 28, 2013


As almost everyone knows....we are having another baby!! We are both convinced she is a little girl, but I guess I will keep calling the baby "baby" for now, since we don't know for sure. We will find out in about a month!

This time around has been completely different. I have been so much sicker. With the boys I was great. I was playing competitive basketball till i was 14 weeks, I was in school full time until I was about 28 weeks along, I never threw up, and only felt sick if I needed to eat. This baby feels like quite the handful already. I can't count the number of times i've thrown up, and i've been sick constantly. Yuck so not a good feeling. For weeks I didn't go anywhere, and mostly laid on my bed on or on the couch for the better part of most days. I ate lots of crappy things, since fruit, veggies, yogurt or anything like that just made it worse. I felt like such an awful mom and wife, with the boys watching movies all day, and never making a real meal for dinner for Thomas. I can't imagine being one of those women who are sick for 9 months, or on bed rest. I'm grateful that I'm feeling better now!!!!!! It's been day 5 of feeling pretty dang good! It is such a relieving feeling. I know I wont take my health for granted as much. Anyway, so things are going good now! Yay. I just feel a little queezy at night, but that's about all for the most part! Thank heavens. So grateful for that.


Unknown said...

I'm glad you feel better! Well, pregnancy wise. ;) I definitely put in my vote for a girl. I'm convinced pregnancies are rougher with girls. Congrats guys!

Melanie said...

I'm an old friend of Thomas from high school. You met my dad at Papa Murphy's last time you were in Utah. He said your boys were so cute! :)

We are having baby #2 and are guessing it's a girl as well because I've been so sick compared to my little boy. So here is my tip: I cut dairy from my diet and it helped so much with the nausea and puking!!! I guess our bodies have a much harder time digesting it, especially when pregnant. I have taken a liquid calcium supplement to make sure I'm still getting the calcium needed. Plus calcium helps you sleep very well at night so I took it at almost every night at the end of my last pregnancy when it's so uncomfortable. It will also help babies and toddlers sleep well on nights when they are grumpy or teething as well. check online for the best prices. we get 2 bottles for 17 buck but it's well worth every penny.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and congrats!!!

Melanie :)

Jessica Hall said...

I am so excited for you guys! You make darn cute kids so I can't wait to see this one :) Love ya girl!