Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mexican Holiday

So here is what this picture is all about.
I don't really know all the details about this tradition, but what I remember them telling us is that, in Mexico city you buy this holiday bread (i don't know if it's always on Jan.6 or maybe its the first sunday in January? i dont know) anyway we did this on sunday, jan.6 haha.This holiday is like a continuation of Christmas. So they bought this bread from a mexican store, and there were four baby Jesus' statute things hidden inside the bread. You cut a piece for yourself, check if you have one of the baby Jesus, then you go round and round the table, each person cutting a slice of bread. If you get a baby Jesus in the piece you cut, you have to make dinner for the other family in February. I don't know why they got such a huge box, but nonetheless in our box there was 4 hiding in their. Louis got the first baby Jeses, then Diva, then Elizabeth then Me. Thomas was the lucky one, and didn't get one! So each of us will be making dinner for eachother. haha.. looks like we will have three meals from the Garcia's in February. Anyway, I guess Christmas day is the day kids get new outfits. But this day (there is a name for it but i forget)  is is when kids open their new toys and other presents, and it's a really huge fun party day in Mexico City, and people freak out if you get the baby Jesus and it's just this huge celebrating exciting day for them. Anyway kind of fun to do this with them.

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