Saturday, December 15, 2012

We were up at 3 this morning. Packed our stuff, and loaded the boys into the car and were on our way to the airport by 3:30. Little did we know we were in for quite the morning. We got to the airport around 4, signed in and paid 5 bucks to get  a cart to carry our luggage..... that cart lasted us about three minutes, till we got to security... joy... no cart after that. Us being the cheapos we are decided to have all our luggage as carry on since we didn't have to pay. So just picture us hauling two kids, two car seats, three large duffle bags and a back pack through the entire Seattle airport. Oh my heck I was SOOO grumpy. My arms were about dead by the time we reached our boarding area, the boys refused to walk at all. We probably looked like crazy people. Maybe we are. Carrying all that stuff was so stinkin heavy. Thomas was surprised I was still with him by the end. haha Once we got to our boarding area, Thomas went to get the boys some muffins. We got muffins and he went to go ask a couple questions about boarding, and meanwhile, the boys were literally SCREAMING their heads off, because Layton dropped his muffin on the ground, Kasen wouldn't share his yada yada yada... i finally got the muffin off the floor. tore of the entire outside layer and gave it to they are still screaming and crying at eachother. They calm down for about 2 seconds til Kasen hits Layton's muffin out of his hand and onto the floor.... the screaming ensues, and I pretty much just sit there while getting COVERED with banana nut muffin all over my black shirt... literally covered. I just about broke down... everyone was staring at me, and i'm pretty sure the whole airport could hear them. Finally, Thomas came back, and we board shortly after. Thank heavens. The boys fell asleep before we even took off... at 6 am... exhausted, we all sleep most the way... We landed and Thomas' Dad picks us up, so we can head to a family Christmas party. But wait... i forgot my purse on the plane, and just as we are about to leave we get a call that I had left it. Thomas heads back in, goes through security again, was directed the wrong way, had to come back, go through security again, go a different way... and after 1/2 hour of waiting, we finally were on our way. We got to the party around 11.. (it started at 9:30), ate what was left of some food... it was actually pretty good :) After that we met up at Thomas' brother's house and visited with them and Thomas' dad and step mom for a while. It was fun to visit with everyone. After that we headed to his Mom's and just visited and relaxed for the night.

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