Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today was a wonderful Sabbath day. I just love Sundays. Just me and all my boys enjoying each other.  After a great day at church, we all took a really long nap! It was super awesome... after that we played and made an early-ish dinner (4:30). The boys have just been SO good today. I swear the last few days Kasen has been driving me mad. So grumpy, and needy and whiny, and just driving me completely crazy. He was being down right naughty, and he was always getting in trouble. After every kind of discipline throughout the day, by night time I felt like a failure and guilty for all my frustration and anger. Some days I think I have the most stubborn, crazy, frustrating, mischievous, needy 2 year old on the face of the planet. That's why today was so completely wonderful. It was like night and day difference. Both the boys were just so great. Such a relief. It is amazing what a good day like today can do for ones' spirit. anyway..... At five we listened to the Christmas Devotional. It was super wonderful. I love hearing the first presidency speak. Their stories are so great and the messages inspiring. I am love Christmas time. I like to keep it simple and focused on others. I'm grateful for this time of year, and for my Savior who was born into this world, but more importantly who died for me personally, so I can return to live with him someday. Always remember Him, especially during this time of year.

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