Monday, December 17, 2012

Sleep Over

Monday- We headed out to Tooele, to see and stay with some friends. Kevin and Stephanie, were our old next door neighbors from Rexburg. They bought a house out in Toeele and had just moved in a few days before we came. Their little girl Addyson is so stinkin cute. and it was good to meet there new little boy Ethan! Thomas helped Kevin put up some curtains, and blinds and a few other things. We just hung out the rest of the night, had a good dinner, and watched MIB 2... interesting movie... haha.  :) Thanks for letting us come crash guys! It was good to see you! I thought I had some pictures... but can't find them anywhere :(

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Stephanie said...

Dang it just now showed up in my blog feed that you updated. I figured you were gonna catch up web you got home. Haha. We loved seeing you guys! The boys are so sweet. Thank you for coming out of your way to see us :) love you all