Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shopping and Cheesecake

Today was the shopping day. We spent the morning just relaxing and watching A Bugs Life. At one Thomas' sister. Stephanie, and his Mom took us shopping for our Christmas gifts. The boys fell asleep on the way so I stayed in the truck with them, while everyone went to Ross. Then we headed to Kohls. It was fun and they spoiled us way too much. We got some new clothes and I got some earrings too. After shopping we went home and had Terriyaki Chicken dinner. Yummy!

After dinner, we put the boys to bed and then Thomas and I headed to SLC where we met up with Aaron and Marissa, and Janae (sister) and Tyler (husband). Aaron and Marissa were awesome enough to treat us to some Cheese Cake at Cheese Cake Factory! It was pretty great! A little sweet and heavy, but it sure did taste good! We also got an appetizer of Nachos, which had cold chicken on it. Ew. after a return of the half eaten nachos, 20 min later we got a new batch..... chicken still cold....Oh well the rest was good! haha.. It was SO fun to walk around the mall while we waited for our seats, and to just chat and hang out with my siblings and their spouses! It was fun to get out and have fun! Thanks so much Aaron and Marissa! I wish I had some pictures from this night!

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Marissa said...

Seriously! Where are all the pictures? You'd think between the two of us, we'd get one. Wait a sec, did I get one? I'll have to go check. It will be blogged about in about a month...hahaha.