Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Day

A little bit of our day in pictures......

Woke up.... Layton was not in his bed or anywhere in the room. (mini heart attack later....)
Found him under the bed... sound asleep.... 
Can't believe he didn't wake up, from falling off the bed or something. 
Pretty cute....

I guess the boys decided their toys need a good run through the wash.....

Finished making a couple Christmas decorations out of the boys hand prints.

My babies fell asleep in my arms while we read Christmas stories.

We tried out the no napping thing today. Since they didn't wake up till eight this morning I didn't want to fight a nap and then have them struggle going to bed tonight..... this is what they looked like at 6:50 pm.
Maybe they still do need their naps

Absolutely love it. 
Best feeling ever having your kids asleep all snuggled up together with you.

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