Thursday, December 27, 2012

Movie Day and Grandparents

For Christmas Aaron and Marissa got us a gift card to the movie theater. I convinced Thomas to go see Les Miserables with me. What a sport. In my opinion it was a great movie. The filming, singing, and acting were amazing, but holy cow too much singing. I realize its a musical, and maybe I just went in being to naive... but i thought there would be at least some talking! Maybe a scene or two of talking then break out in song, so by the end I was pretty sick of the talking to each other in singing. To me it got a little annoying. I guess I should have went in knowing more of what to expect! ha! but it was all in all good.

Later that Day we went to Thomas' grandparents house. It was a really great visit, and the boys were happy and hilarious while we were there, thank goodness. Sorry about the blurriness....

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