Friday, November 16, 2012

My Reasons

So my blogging lately has been a little sporadic, well at least for my goal that I set months ago to blog every day. Here is the scoop. For the last few months the cord on my computer has been pretty much shot. My battery has been competely dead for a year or so. If I moved the lap top or nudged it even in the tiniest bit it would shot off instantly. A couple weeks ago I couldn't get the lap top to even turn on, after several tried of moving and pinching and pushing the cord getting it just right. Anyway I FINALLY ordered a new cord and battery from amazon only 21 dollars for both :) SWEET. The cord came today, and so now I can actually move my computer around and it doesn't turn off YAY!!! I also decorated today, so it little bit like Christmas today :) Here's to some more blogging asap!

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Unknown said...

we have the SAME prob! We can't even get Kevin's to turn on, and my battery is shot so as soon as it gets unplugged, it shuts off. fun stuff! Glad you have it working again!