Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 90- Baptism

Baptism of Carmen Dia Garcia, Luis Garcia, Elizabeth Garcia and Divanelly Blanco Mendoza

Thomas Baptized Diva, and Brother Shepherd from our ward, who became good friends with them, baptized the rest.

Fortunately, and unfortunately at the same time, Kasen fell asleep on the way there. So I handed him off to a sister in the ward while I helped get the clothing and everything organized. He was fast asleep during picture time. Too bad,we didn't get any with him. Well not really with Layton either, (just the back of him reaching for Daddy.... wish we could have got more than only got a few pics.

These are our missionaries.... Elder Barham and Elder Cisternas. There was another baptism that day of an 8 year old boy, who goes to the Spanish Branch. Elder Cisternas baptized him.
 Elizabeth bore her testimony afterwards, and although it was in Spanish, it was beautiful.

 Luis bore his testimony too.... again in Spanish. Most of the program was in spanish.. (so his mother could understand).

It was a wonderful Baptism, and the spirit was so strong. I am so glad that we aksed them to

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