Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 81- Wedding Time

Introducing our Neighbors
Elizabeth and Louis

When I say neighbors, I mean it quite literally. Our apartments share walls.. haha.
They are Diva's Mom and Step-dad... you've heard of Diva before right?
She's that cute little 11 year old.
She is our number one fan, our side kick, our babysitter, our little best friend. She is awesome.

                                                           Beautiful Elizabeth.
                                                              The Bride's Hair

I had the opportunity to be a big part in her wedding.
 I got our Bishop to marry them- and met with them and him before the big day. 
I arranged for a couple photographers- awesome people from the ward.
I helped decorate early in the morning, in her mom's back yard.
I did her hair and Diva's too, but we kinda ran out of time with hers.
Thomas and I were 'witnesses' for the ceremony so we got to sign the official paper and everything!
It was a beautiful ceremony and we couldn't be happier for them!

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Stephanie said...

You guys are the BEST neighbors. Always have been, always will be. :)