Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 76- Not Sleeping

Sorry to those of you who have heard this story already

"Sometimes you can tell your toddler's fighting sleep — he rubs his eyes, yawns repeatedly, and falls apart at the merest hint of frustration. Other times he may seem wide awake, even hyper, but this can be another form of exhaustion. What's happening is the toddler version of "so much to do, so little time"; there's so much going on around him... that he wants to be part of the action. Also, just like other toddlers, your child is beginning to understand that he's separate from you and is his own person, so he wants to assert his independence. Refusing to go to bed at night is one way he asserts control." Babycenter.com

Kasen has been a NIGHTMARE the last couple nights and naps time. Crying and screaming from anywhere for 45 min- 1.5 hours.... After some research i'm guessing the above paragraph is the explanation.

He fell asleep around 9:45 last night.... finally... after putting him to bed at 8. Then he was up at 6 am this morning.... I brought him out on the couch with me, to lay by me, but he wouldn't lay down- he wanted to sit up...so he sits up....nodding off and fighting to keep his eyes open. But keep his eyes open he does. I try and drift off, and every time I take a peek at him he just sitting there tired yet wide eyes looking at me. I know he's not going back to sleep so I put Tangled in for him to watch. Around 9:30, he is crying and whining and just exhausted so I put him in his play pen. It used to be such that the play pen would trigger then 'sleep' receptors in his brain and he would fall asleep. Well I think it triggers his lets scream and cry receptors now...

Well I eventually give in and hold him, and he is so exhausted but wants to stay a wake so bad. He kind of drifts off in my arms, but its mixed in with moving his legs like he's walking, trying to walk up my body, wailing and thrashing and rolling and saying 'go. go. go', pointing his finger and yelling for 'wayton wayton' all with his eyes closed, and trying to open them. Eventually he is like so out of control and and doesn't know what he's doing I give up. This was after at least 1/2 hour. I wake him up full on and just decide we will try again at nap time. It's now one and I put the boys down a few minutes ago... He's pretty quiet. Hope he has exhausted himself to the tippy top and he will have a GOOD long nap!

Sorry if people who read this think it's boring, this is like my Journal in a way, and I like to get stuff down. One day i'll read this and laugh.

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