Friday, August 17, 2012

Day- 71- Busy Day

No pictures again... Sorry. I've been forgetting about it. TOMORROW though. :)

We were busy today.....
-went to the park
-dollar tree, walmart, home hardware
-completely finished that old dresser I have been working on.. installed the hardware
-studied for my certification exam I have to take next month
-went to park again, but a different one this time
-made cupcakes and decorated them (Diva (neighbor girl) wants to make cupcakes and decorate them as bride and groom for her mom and step dad's wedding next weekend, so we did a practice round), harder than it looks. Not sure if we will do it for sure or not for the actual wedding.
-tried new recipe... Cajun Chicken Pasta on the skinny side for dinner.... SO GOOD
-cleaned whole apt, kind of a mess from the day
-baths, stories, playing with boys and now time to relax and watch Iron Man!

Love busy days. It's fun :)

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Marissa said...

Is that all you did?