Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 62- Boating

A few months back we had an auction in our ward with fake money, and people auctioned off all kinds of things. Babysitting, lawn care, steak dinners, homemade rolls for a month etc. One of the things we bid for and won was a day boating on the river. It was really really fun! The water was FREEZING though. Oh well I wasn't about to let that stop me, as tempting as it could have been. The trick is to just not think about it.

We started off in the middle of the lake just swimming around and playing with the boogie boards. There was no way Layton was getting in, Kasen is always a good sport about anything though. He kept saying, " cold, cold, cold."  Yes little man it sure was, but you're so tough!

 As with most things new and different Kaen embraced it all, and Layton screamed for the first 20 minutes or so. After a while though he loved it.
 Driving the boat!
 Kasen's turn!
 We dropped off all the kids of the people who took us and Kasen (he is just really easy going and doesn't mind hanging out with new people), so we left him on the beach, and brought Layton with us out for a ski/wakeboarding run. That's why there are so many more pictures of Layton this time.
Happy boy
Thomas out for his first time wake boarding
Trying to get up!
Sun in the eyes!
Posin with Daddy

Momma's Turn.

Partial Family pic, missin my little Kasen though! Next time you can come on the boat when we do the wake boarding run bud!

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You look so good, girl! Hot mama!