Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day-25 Not a Whole Lot

Didn't do anything interesting enough to take pictures of anything today, so we are stuck with just writing. I wasn't really sure what I should even write about, but I guess i'll just do a little update. Thomas is doing great in school. He is so dedicated to studying and he is working so hard. I'm loving watching him learn so much and do so well. We are here in Wenatchee till March. Then we will be moving again. No idea where yet. We can go anywhere we want to do his clinicals, we just have to do the work to find a place that will take a student to do the clinicals. He needs two sites, so preferably in the same city- i don't want to move every six months. We are hoping that we can get in with the hospital in Boise, but we are also looking into La Grande OR, Baker City OR, or we've thrown around the idea of possibly Logan UT. Those are a few ideal locations anyway, we will see what actually happens and if the hospitals will take students etc. Hopefully we can arrage it all over the next couple months. I feel like we just got here, yet we will be moving in less than 10 months again. I guess that's just the life we have being students and all. Things are going great though. The boys are growing like weeds and saying more and more words all the time. We just adore them. I try to keep myself busy, but still find myself looking for things to do often.  Anyway there is a little bit about our lives at the moment.

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