Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Forget Me Not December 2011

Dec.1- It was nice enough that the boys played outside for a while. They loved it.

Dec.3-Kasen crawled into the toy box all by himself.. really funny looking over and he was just in it.

Dec.4-We have a Santa Christmas Decoration above the cuboards, and Kasen loves it. Even though it is way up high he points up and I taught him 'santa' and so now he points and goes 'ta, ta'! and gets pretty excited. Cute.

Dec.5- They were totally stir crazy, being inside all day today, which of course in turn made me stir crazy.

Dec.7- Layton was a complete mama's boy all day today. He wouldn't even go to Thomas at all. Weird, he usually LOVES thomas and loves playing with him. They are both the best of buds with their daddy.

Dec.8- Kasen loves to play pass with the basketball. I set him on the couch pass him it, and after he passes it to me he makes this really funny really happy smiley sound.

Dec.9- Layton has learned how to crawl on the chairs. So he either climbs up it when its under the table and gets stuck or he pushes the chair out a bit, crawls up and then onto the table. That little boys keeps me on my toes.

Dec.10- We got pictures with Santa. We put Kasen on his lap first and he was totally chill and smiling, then we put Layton on Santa's other leg, and he flipped. His screaming and crying got Kasen going, they they were both screaming in their picture. It is soo funny!

Dec.12- Took Layton to the Dr. He has croup. Luckily I think its just a mild case, and he seems to be doing lots better. Grateful I caught it early on and he can be on the mend.

Dec.13- Kasen does this hilarious talking... it sounds like .... aaa weeee  aaaaaa weeeee  aaaww wweee

Dec.14- Kasen pooped in the tub for the first time. GROSS. good thing thomas is amazing and cleaned it up, cause i would have thrown up! hahaha

Dec.17- Thomas sent in his radiology Technician application to Wenatchee WA, we will here by Jan.31st if we get in or not!

Dec.18-Kasen pooped in the tub for the second time.

Dec.20-Kasen has continued his obsession with Santa, and toys that sing or move. Layton does this cutest smile ever, and he puts his head to the side and gives HUGE smiles, it is the most adorable thing ever.

Dec.22- Layton got his first bloody nose. He misjudged where the ottoman was and fell a little early and nailed his nose on the bottom of it.

Dec.24-Spent Christmas Eve at Christine's Mom's place. We played some fun games, and had soup and sandwiches. It was fun and the boys loved exploring yet again another new place.

Dec.25-They both loved Christmas, even if they didn't understand it. They kind of helped open some presents, and liked looking at their new books, and playing with their new blocks and stuff.

Dec.29- Sometimes i'll ask Layton, "Layton do you have poo poo's?" Then he will look down and hold his diaper and nod his head. Really surprising he is starting to understand it a little bit already.

Dec.31-We finally got baby proofing stuff because i was going nutso with cleaning up all the time. They got into the food cupboard, every second i turned my back. Pulling out spaghetti noodles, dumping out rice, oatmeal, graham crackers and everything else. Needless to say after loosing it for the 50th time today we got baby proofing equipment! yay.  We spent new years eve with just the two of us. We played games, and watched a movie, it was way fun and relaxing.

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Mother_Hen_Alms said...

What a GREAT way to journal their progress! I seriously need to do this. I laughed through the whole thing. Especially the pooping in the bath. hahaha My child has done that about a thousand times.
Isn't it just crazy how different each of your kids are?