Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh My Heck!

Layton is walking!!!!!!!!  I put him a few feet away from the chair today, and threw his blanket on it, and he took three steps to it. I was like what the?? Thinking it was probably only a one time fluke thing. So then tonight he did it again, and so we started practicing with him, and he got soooo good. This video is not one where he took a ton of steps, I will get a better one tomorrow. He took up to 15 steps at a time though. I kinda thought this would happen. It has taken him awhile to get it, but now that he does, i'm pretty sure he's gonna just take right off. Hello... to more chasing and more good times. Kasen took three steps today as well, but hasn't quite got it down quite yet. He just get's so excited and laughs and falls forward. Oh what a wonderful day. Watching them learn to walk is as fun as i thought it would be! I just love it!


Jessica Hall said...

so precious!!! you are such a cute mommy!

Unknown said...

HUrray boys!! Isn't it insane how they literally just decided to take off and that's it? They are pros within seconds. :)

Marissa said...

Yay! So cute! I love how they lean into it when they first learn how to walk because they want to go so fast. So funny!