Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forget Me Not

So I have started a new project, which I am calling 'Forget Me Not'. It has nothing to do with Pres.Uchtdorf's talk, or with the flower. I've decided to do a daily blog mostly about the boys, and things that I don't want to forget. One day i'm sure I will love reading and remembering all of these moments.So here are my Novemeber 'Forget Me Nots". Didn't start until the 11th......

Nov.11- came into the boys' room this morning and Kasen had no pajama bottoms or diaper on, and he peed all up on his shirt and all over the sheets! I have NO idea how he managed it, but yup. nothing like saying goodmorning with a pee soaked bed and shirt!
Nov.12- they played so well with eachother today, and were SO well behaved all day long.

Nov.13- this morning while feeding the boys i had them sitting right by eachother and they would reach over to eacother and 'hold fingers' and laugh. so funny.
          -Thomas and I didn't have to go out of sacrament even once today!!!!!!! Kasen fell asleep while being held by our friend, and Layton was able to get a nap this morning because thomas didn't home from work until about 9 this morning, so he was late for church. So he got ready and brought layton up after he slept for a while and that made a huge difference in his behavior.
          -although I never had to take Layton out of sacrament meeting,I did go stand up at the back with him. There was another little boy back there about 5 years old, and he started making faces at Layton, and he seriously BURST out LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY. It was so loud, almost the entire congregation looked back and started laughing at him. It was a little embarassing, but incredibly funny at the same time.
Nov.14- Layton stood by himself for about 6 seconds and took three steps to the chair!!! I'm so sure he will be walking soon. We also took our old booster seat out of the car, and they LOVE just sitting in it in the living room. I think they like the fact that they have their own little chair to chill on.

Nov.17-They both played quietly for over an hour. Seriously, no crying, no screaming, no stealing toys from eachother. I have been able to get so much radiology tech researching stuff done for Thomas.

Nov.18- had some friends over for pizza who were babysitting their two neices, the kids all had a blast together.
Nov.20-we went to Thomas' boss house for games and cookies. The have four girls.  Twins that are 6 one 9 and one 11.They are the most baby hungry little girls i have ever met, and they swooned over the boys the whole time we were there. The boys loved all the attention and made sure they checked out the whole house. Boys took a 3 hour afternoon nap.

Nov.21- tried pepporoni and cheese on burrito shell, than a bagel, then pancakes for dinner. Kasen wouldnt eat anything, so he had like half a bag of grapes. picky little guy.

Nov.22-i think they have adjusted to just having naps in afternoon, because I tried to lay them down at 11 am, (they usually are out by 10 and usually can never handle being up later then that). and they cried, screamed, talked and laughed at eachother for like 35min. obviously they weren't tired. Will be nice to have the afternoon with a break now, instead of morning.
Nov 24-Layton blew kisses for the first time, and Kasen is really improving with walking. He stands by himself and took about 5 steps by himself. We enjoyed thanksgiving with our friend/neighbor parents, in blackfoot. The boys were the life of the party, and loved by everyone.
Nov 25-The boys played hard all morning, with all the exciting new toys and things to touch and play with at the Merrits. (Kim's parents). Layton was especially drawn to Hal, (kim's dad)
Nov 26- Kasen fell asleep on Dad's chest, while layton fell asleep on mine this afternoon. They were sure tired today, probably from the go go go playing over the last couple days.
Nov 27- it was our anniversary today, and for our present to us, the boys were AWFUL. They have more teeth coming through, and they just could not be pleased, all through church and all the rest of the day. Constant screaming, crying, whining, and hurting. Poor little guys. Good thing they are the cutest kids and i love them to death. :) cause it was one LONG day....however, after they went to bed we set up our christmas tree and all the house decorations.... LOVE IT... so cozy in here now.

Nov 29-the boys were sitting across from eachother on the floor and the would both look up at the roof then look back down at eachother at laugh really hard. Continued doing this for about 5 minutes... funny.

Nov 30-Layton has been walking for a couple weeks now, but this afternoon he seemed to take right off, he would .run until he biffed it, then stand back up. I think he is enjoying knowing how to stand up by himself in the middle of a room. Cause he was literally running from the end of the kitchen to end of the living room, back and forth, back and forth and laughing everytime he fell and stood back up. Kasen is getting better and better now too. Taking up to 10 steps at a time. :)

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