Wednesday, November 9, 2011

catch up


-loves the vacuum and will chase it back and forth while i vaccuum
-once he hears me putting dishes in the dishwasher he scurries on over as fast as his little crawls can take him, to come check out the dishwasher and try to pull everything out. how many times does it take for them to realize the its not a toy? more than 500 im sure.
-he actually seems to be calming down a lot lately, he has become more snuggly, and loves to grab his blanket and just come sit with me. it's so nice, as he was the least snuggly baby ever.
-he is very attached to his blanket, and will sometimes throw it out of his playpen, so i know if he is screaming bloody murder when he should be sleeping, that he lost his blanket
-srunches his nose when he smiles
-doesn't care for bath time at all anymore
- has gone back to freaking out when getting his diaper changed
-waved hello and goodbye
-won't say mama anymore :( don't know why... sad day.
-he LOVES grapes. eats so many of them
-he is such a flirt with strangers
-he loves throwing the DVD's out of the drawer, and sometimes putting them back in
-loves peek a boo
-i'll say "Layton do you wanna read a story?" and he gets this excited look on his face and says "ya!", then will usually proceed to grab his blanket and crawl over to me
-he says "yesssss" complete with the drawled 'sssssss'
-likes to clap his hands a lot
-fake cries a lot, it's really funny, but not
-is full of energy, and thrives off of lots of people and attention, he has calmed down some, but is still a bundle of fun and smiles

-he is really starting to be a lot more outgoing and independent
-his dimples seem even more prominent lately
-loves bath time
-is incredibly dramatic, and melts down screaming and crying often
-also comes crawling over whenever the dishwasher is open
-loves to put his hands against the washing machine while it's going
-does not like me have a minutes peace and quiet while going to the bathroom, he either is banging on the door or reaching his hands underneath everytime im in the bathroom, kinda funny
-loves loves grapes. downs so many of them.
-is getting pretty close to walking, will walk while only holding on with one hand
-loves playing pass with the basketball and soccer ball
-loves to play under the table
-loves to pull dads pants off of bottom shelf
-laughs his head off when i make him give his monkey kisses
-pulls relentlessly on face, skin, lips. and hair, this kid seriously has an obsession with touching everything!!!
-loves to pull anything out of anywhere

-they are both growing so fast, they just dont feel the same when they lay on my tummy now, their legs hang down on my thighs. i can see their faces when they stick their heads above the bed and try to peek at me. they bonk their heads under the table now, and seem like they take up more room in the big cardboard box they always play in. they can even reach the top drawer of the entertainment center. their hands are bigger. they are getting so much taller, and so many teeth are in now. i love them both.

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Teija said...

oh I miss those cute little boys, pppplleeeeaaaassseeee move closer!!!