Sunday, October 9, 2011


Well the last couple weeks have been what I would think would be a little bit traumatizing for a couple of 1 year olds. The boys had their one year check up and with that came 7 shots each, and then they got blood drawn for lead testing and something else, can't remember at the moment. Layton got a tooth that just cut through and another one about to. Kasen burnt his hand really bad outside on the thing the you step on between the door and outside. I felt so bad. I was keeping a close eye on the boys while they were playing outside cause I knew that thing would be terribly hot, since it was a really hot day. But then this STUPID cat, that hangs around outside and the neighbors think it's cute and they feed it and everything, ran in our apt. I was yelling at it and hitting it with a book, then it ran back into our bedroom and went under the bed. So I got the broom to hit it outta there, and while doing that i heard kasen like screaming bloody murder. so i ran to him, and sure enough he was crawling inside and his hands were stuck on the silver thing, and he didn't move them. So I came to his rescue, but set him down and got the cat out of under the bed, to which the dumb thing proceeded into the boys room, the bathroom and eventually back outside after hitting it with the broom multiple times.what a stupid animal. Anway i thought Kasen was ok, his hands were red and his arm a bit, but he actually wasn't freaking out too bad anymore. A couple hours later however, I checked his hands again, and his right hand was blistered pretty bad. Poor guy :( i felt terrible.  It amazes me how tough kids are though, cause he continued crawling around all the rest of the day. How he did it with burned blistered hands is beyond me. he is all healed up now. thankfully. Let's see what else has happened... layton was playing by my brother in law's bike, and it fell over on him, (it's pretty big and heavy), he got scraped and bruised on his back and leg. Felt so bad. All this of course, has been accompanied by three bloody mouths, and other bumps, bruises and scrapes, that are typical for little boys this age.

 thomas put this on his head... just for some laughs. kinda funny.

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