Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Wonderful Week

It has been a wonderful week. My brother Aaron and his wife Marissa, and kids Cade, Connor and Maia came on Tuesday evening from Spokane Washington. It was sure fun having them here! They left this morning and we already miss them!

This week we did a whole bunch of fun things. We got 5 fourwheelers and a couple babysitters and all us couples went out fourwheeling for a few hours! Man alive it was awesome. We all got muddy and dirty and wet, but it was oh just so awesome. It was like livin in the old days growing up, we used to go like almost every single weekend in the summers will all my cousins and friends. It was so nice to be able to get out and have a little break and a ton of fun with Mom and Dad, Tyanna and Ammon, and Aaron and Marissa. I "almost" hit a moose. haha When I say almost it wasn't really all that close but it was close enough that I could have hit it if it woulda jumped to my side of the fence. Thomas and I were on the smallest fourwheeler and we got stuck at least twenty times... (no exaggeration) because we went through so many back roads and fields that still have snow on them. It was so much fun though.

We also aired up a little boat and took that out into the pond. Thomas took Layton for a little joy ride and he fell fast asleep in the warm sunny air. Aaron also hooked up the boat to the fourwheeler and drove through some of the shallower parts of the pond that was awesome

We also had a surprise graduation party for my brother Aaron who will be graduating from Law school in a few weeks. Good job Aaron! It was fun, but got really hot in the house from all the cooking and all the people. We had Navajo tacos..... mmmmmm.....

Horse back riding, tin foil dinners, more fourwheeling, pond boating, games, easter egg hunts, Easter basket scavenger hunts and trying to keep ourselves sane with two little boys with colds filled the rest of the week up and we were busy busy busy. Our boys sleeping schedule has gone completely out the window, but oh well. haha this week is gonna be a week of discipline! ha!

Today was my sister Tyanna's little boys' baby blessing. Little Kesler is so sweet and handsome. He was sure cute in his little white outfit and Ammon gave him a wonderful blessing. Can't wait for our traditional ham dinner tonight and then seriously starting the week off with some excercise and better eating habits tomorrow. This week has been terrible with all of the chaos and snacking and partying, too much good food!

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Ranae Broadhead said...

so jealous! im moving to vhoof!