Friday, March 18, 2011

yup yup

Things are going good here in our neck of the woods. Only three more weeks of school left... well two and then finals week! So excited to be done, but really I don't have it all that bad. I was really worried that this semester was going to be kind of miserable and a lot to handle, but it's been just fine. My classes are really not all that hard. I have discovered my love for the clinical part of medical assisting. I LOVE taking blood, and dealing with all the surgical stuff, but man let me tell you I about pass out anytime urine comes around... ugh we have been doing urinalysis for the last few labs... and GROSS! I just wanna throw up. I don't know why but that and throw up is just the absolute worst. I gave the class a kick though. I was gagging through almost the whole first lab.... I was a little better through the second one and i'm sure i'll adjust soon enough but wow.... that's all I can say. Now that I have discussed my love for blood and my hate for pee, I can move on.

So I figure that I am going to start blogging so I can have a record of our happenings.... I read my cousin Brittany Robert's blog the other day and she talked about how she can picture herself reading through blog posts when she is old and laughing and crying as she remembers the different things her and her family went through... well i think that is pretty stellar and I want to do the same type of thing.

We are getting pretty excited to move to Canada here in a few weeks. I can't wait to see my family and all the friends I have up there! Anyway some friends just dropped by to play games so im off!

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