Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Warning: Tons of pictures of some really cute boys. If you don't want to have kids soon, maybe you shouldn't look, because after you are going to want babies like these ones!
Kasen is totally posing in this picture... Love this picture of them.

Happy happy
Oh Layton....... :)

I think that it is funny that they have almost the exact same pose here... Kasen has been sick lately so he doesn't look like he is feeling to good.. but he was a good sport.
awwwww they are holding hands :) Brotherly love.
Such a handsome little guy.

Kasen passed out with Grandpa Nelson for a really long time, when they came up to visit last Saturday.


Holly Cameron said...

oh my goodness! you have the cutest boys ever! I'm officially going to blog stalk you! Oh I need to meet them!

Rachel said...

What cute little boys!!! Holy Cow! Are they just happy all the time or what??

Kayla said...

haha holly... you should meet them sometime for sure! :) and rachel.... no not always... but they really are pretty happy little guys most the time thanks heavens.