Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Valentine's Weekend

I know lot's of people have put up their heart sugar cookies to celebrate the occasion, BUT I am going to say THESE are actually the best sugar cookies there are. :) LOVE them and so did the many recipients who we gave them too. We had a Valentines Day dance the Saturday before and we went with our neighbors. Kevin and Stephanie showed up to our place so we could head over together. Kevin showed up wearing what he has on, and Thomas was like whoa I totally have clothes just like those... haha so he borrowed a tie from Kevin and thought it would be funny to dress the same so ya... this is kevin and Thomas. And... so I had to dress up to match Steph! haha it was a fun night. The dance was a little lame we thought, too much mexican music and salsa dancing.. and there was a TON of people there so we didn't feel bad leaving... so we ditched pretty early, got ice cream, came home and watched a movie.

All of us in all our matching cuteness

I know this picture has nothing to do with Valentines day, but I wanted to throw it in anyway... cause i just think it's so darn cute.... Kasen looks so chubby and like he's lovin life! Seriously if he is fussy or kinda whiney we will strip him down to his diaper and he loves it. Don't get it, but he would way rather just be in a diaper, and that's all. He is way more content that way. So darn cute.

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