Monday, September 13, 2010

Thomas' Birthday :)

Thomas. He is such a stud! We celebrated his 25th birthday the day after we got to Canada. So here is my list of different things about Thomas... HE IS....
1.My best friend
2.Super cute
3.Friendly and outgoing
4.Understanding and Patient
5.Very creative

Thomas loves....
9.Chicken Alfredo and Steak
10.Building and creating things with his hands
11.To go for long walks by himself, and ponder and think about things. He is a deep thinker and loves to be in nature, as he contemplates decisions about the future and so forth.
12.Kids... He loves kids and kids LOVE him... simple as that

He also loves....
14. Fishing and hunting and being outside
15.He loves posing.... :)

Some more of his favorites include...
16. Fruit-Cantelope
17. Color-Blue
18. Season-Fall... we both completely and absolutely love the fall!!!

Other side Notes-
19. He loves to cook and is GREAT at it!
20. He is such a good example to me.. always keeping up on our daily scripture study and prayer. He is also so good at working towards going to the temple frequently.
21. He can play the Harmonica like no one I have ever met. He can just pick a tune and go with it. I love listening to him play.
22. He is very good with people, and makes friends easily.
23. He is totally hilarious and is always making other laugh
24. He is going to be a Radiologist Tech and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
25. He is the best husband ever and i'm so grateful I get to be with him forever. He willingly helps me so often and never complains when I ask him to do things for me! He is my favorite:)

Happy Birthday honey:)

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