Thursday, May 20, 2010

Temple :)

So as my last post said... I was having some issues with my blogging capabilities. We don't have internet at home so whenever im between classes and wanting something to distract me with, and i want to blog, i try to really quickly... so talk about frustrating when I can't even figure out simple things.. anyway... my amazing beautiful wonderful sister teija got on my blog and fixed the problem! Now that that is taken care of, I am looking forward to starting to add more pictures and write more things. :) I'm just sitting here now at the library waiting for Thomas to finish up. We came to the library to do homework after attending the temple. Oh how i love that beautiful wonderful place. We are so so so blessed to have a temple right up on the hill. I have to admit even with it being so close, it really still can be hard to go every week. Especially with me being pregnant, we got to class from 8-12:30, then work till 5 and IM STARVING by then, so we rush home to fill my tummy. Then do homework usually,for the rest of the night. Our saturdays are usually filled with work out on the ranch. Anyway we have been doing pretty good, and attending almost weekly, but we missed three weeks in a row, for various reasons, and i feel so bad! It makes me think about good better and best, and setting priorities...Everything we fill our lives with are good things, even better things... but going to the temple is THE BEST thing that we can do. Work, school, relationships, and other repsonsibilities should never override the most important things... serving the Lord and doing as he would have us do. I'm so grateful for Thomas and his desire to take me there as often as possible. It is so refreshing and edifying being in the house of the Lord, I just love it.

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Jessica Hall said...

you are such a good example. Love you kayla!